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Value your business, find company information and confidentially source investors or debt providers

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Directors, shareholders and financials for UK companies

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Instant, expert, any UK company

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Connect with advisers to guide you through the sales process

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Confidentially connect to investors

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Reach a range of traditional and alternative lenders

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Find Company Information

Access Company Financials and Data

View financial data for any public or private company in the U.K.

Get Financial Results for Every Company

Our model can estimate P&L results for micro-companies based off industry and balance sheet data, giving insight into companies that fall under reporting thresholds

Search Shareholders & Directors

Understand who owns the company, the type of shares they own and who the company directors are

View Related Companies

At the touch of a button find out whether the company is part of a group and what relationships the shareholders have with other companies.

Get a business valuation on-screen in seconds

Instant Company Valuations

Type in your company name and the financials are pulled directly from Companies House, meaning you’ll get a result in seconds.

Works for any Company – Regardless of Size

Even if a company isn’t legally required to post P&L data, our algorithm estimates the financials of the company, meaning you’ll get a result to matter how small the company is.

Easy to Use

You don’t need any prior knowledge on how to value a company – our model will walk you through building your valuation

Same Methods as the Experts

From EBITDA multiples to DCF, the model uses the same theory and methodology as top corporate finance firms

Find an Advisor

Find the Right Person

Find an advisor who understands your industry and has experience of working with companies of your size

Pay a Fair Price

Automatically tender to multiple experts to ensure you get a competitive fee from your deal advisor

Buy or sell a business

Raise Equity Capital

Whether you're selling just a share of your company to fund growth, an acquisition or working capital - or selling your entire stake - Pomanda can help

Find a Buyer

Investors on the Pomanda platform come from across the UK and the World - ensuring that your company gets seen by the widest possible audience

Confidental and Secure

You remain in control of the process - your details are anonymised until you decide to reveal more to an interested potential investor

Investor Types

Pomanda hosts Investors and Buyers from Private Equity, Family Offices, Industry and Corporate Finance ensuring that your Company is seen by the broadest range of potential Investors

Raise Finance

Get Competitive Rates

Tender to multiple lenders and get the best rates for your business

Talk with Approved Lenders

Our lenders are FCA regulated and approved by Pomanda

Access Alternative Borrowing Solutions

Explore different lending options like asset-based lending, cash flow lending, factoring, and mezzanine debt







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