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Get a business valuation, find company information and source investors or debt providers for your business.

Find Company Information

Run analysis on your competitors and benchmark yourself against them.

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Get a Business Valuation

Use our advanced business valuation calculator to get a company valuation.

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Find Investors & Lenders

Connect with serious institutional investors, lenders and advisors.

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Find company information

Access Private Company Data

View financial data for any public or private company in the U.K. and get information on their directors and shareholders.

Estimated Company Results

For small companies, our algorithm can estimate P&L results based off industry and balance sheet data to give a result every time with an impressive level of statistical confidence.

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Get a business valuation on-screen in seconds

Instant Company Valuations

Type in your company name and the financials are pulled directly from Companies House, meaning you’ll get a result in seconds.

Works for any Company – Regardless of Size

Even if a company isn’t legally required to post P&L data, our algorithm estimates the financials of the company, meaning you’ll get a result no matter how small the company is.

Same Methods as the Experts

Our model uses the same theory and methodology as top corporate finance firms, meaning that you'll get a result grounded in reality.

Easy to Use

You don't need any prior knowledge on how to value a company - our model does all the hard work in building your valuation, before allowing you the opportunity to customise.

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Sell your business, find an M&A advisor or connect to lenders

Find Investors

Sell your business, sell equity to fund growth or get money for an acquisition using The Deal Room.

Get a Corporate Advisor

Choose from hundreds of M&A’s advisors to find the best person to help you prepare your business for sale and handle the deal process.

Raise Debt

Get access to a variety of debt instruments in The Funding Room such as asset-based lending, cash flow lending, factoring or mezzanine debt.

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