How to Sell Your Business for the Best Price

Selling your business is a huge undertaking with many moving parts and a lot of hard work. Before selling a business, its essential to gain an understanding of what’s involved so that you can get the best price for your business. This means getting your business in the right position to fetch a high price, knowing when the market is right to sell, and how to negotiate with a potential buyer.

This eBook will teach you:

  • How to establish your selling objectives
  • How to select a buyer for your business
  • What a buyer will look for
  • When the correct time to sell is
  • How to pick and appoint a financial advisor
  • What a seller will look for in a business
  • Different valuation methods and how they work
  • How to negotiate properly

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What is Pomanda?

Pomanda is a fintech platform which specialises in corporate finance. It allows business owners to value their business quickly and cost effectively, whilst also discreetly connecting them to a network of corporate advisers, potential investors and debt providers.

The platform utilises cutting edge technology to empower business owners to develop a company valuation, conduct industry comparisons, view live M&A activity in their sector and, should they choose to do so, explore corporate finance options in their own time and on a confidential basis.

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