How Much is My Business Really Worth?

Establishing the value of a business is the most contentious part of any business sale. Not only are there many different valuation methods, but the assumptions that drive these valuations like projected turnover growth and profits drastically affect the outcome of these valuations and are often the main point of dispute.

This eBook will teach you:

  • The readily available information that you’ll need to value your business effectively
  • The different valuation methods used by professional investors – and how you can use them
  • What valuation methods are most applicable to your industry

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What is Pomanda?

Pomanda is a fintech platform which specialises in corporate finance. It allows business owners to value their business quickly and cost effectively, whilst also discreetly connecting them to a network of corporate advisers, potential investors and debt providers.

The platform utilises cutting edge technology to empower business owners to develop a company valuation, conduct industry comparisons, view live M&A activity in their sector and, should they choose to do so, explore corporate finance options in their own time and on a confidential basis.

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