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Our flexible and easy-to-use business valuation calculator generates valuations automatically and then allows you to adjust assumptions and normalise financials to fine tune results .

Instant Calculations

UK Public & private company valuations – just type in the company name. Financials are pulled directly from Companies House, reducing the need for manual entry.

Easy to Use

You don’t need any prior knowledge on how to value a company – our model does all the hard work, but allows you to adjust the numbers to fine tune your result.


The model uses the same techniques that professional Corporate Financiers use - ensuring that you get a valuation that's based in reality.

Instant results – no matter the size.

Pomanda has developed its own unique algorithm to ensure that you're able to value any UK company - whatever its size.

Smaller companies aren't required to submit full accounts to Companies House, making valuing 95% of UK Companies traditionally very hard.

Our solution uses custom algorithms to estimate the results of the company based on the limited balance sheet metrics that these companies submit.

Meaning that you’ll get a result no matter how small the company is.

How our business valuation calculator works

Type in a company name.


Wait seconds whilst the model processes Company House data through the Pomanda algorithm.


Review the on-screen valuation.


Adjust the numbers based on your knowledge to sharpen the valuation.


Why would you need to value a business?

For exit planning

Make sure you know the value of your hard work.

For debt & equity fundraising

Determine the value at which equity is raised and debt is issued.

For tax planning

Keep on top of your future tax liabilities.

To set targets & incentivise staff

Establish the price at which you issue shares or options to employees.

To plan for the worst

If you need to expedite a potential sale or form a settlement.

To part ways with a shareholder

If you’re looking to buy out a shareholder.

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