Neotas Human Due Diligence

Neotas – human due diligence for businesses

Neotas – human due diligence for businesses

A revolutionary way to understand the people in your business.

Neotas provides its customers with a rapid and affordable way of understanding the HR risk in a company.

Use them as part of internal due diligence before you sell your company

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Using its own algorithms and a team of experts to research a person’s online footprint, Neotas goes well beyond the reach of Google and searches the 98% of the web that major search engines never see.

Neotas collect targeted and relevant information only in accordance with the Equality Act and Data Protection Act and never invades the privacy of an individual.

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Recruit with Confidence

Pre-Employment and Online Reputation Screening to help you recruit with confidence and avoid bad hires

Neotas’s pre-employment screening alerts you to clear risk indicators, such as inappropriate and undesirable content, sexually explicit material, illegal activity, and hate and discriminatory behaviour.

Understand any HR Risks in your Organisation

By harnessing open source intelligence – across the surface, deep and dark web – Neotas’s advanced intelligence platform goes beyond traditional database checks.


Avoid Legal Pitfalls

The additional insights and evidence Neotas uncover helps organisations reduce fraud, avoid accusations of negligence and truly comply with the latest regulatory guidelines

Human Due Diligence

Any potential Investor will always look to understand the key members of staff.  Ensure that you’re one step ahead.


Standard Screening

Included in Standard Screening:-

  • 8 Core People Risk Indicators
  • Social Media search
  • Surface and Dark web check
  • Educational Inconsistencies
  • Employment Inconsistencies
  • Multiple Identity/Alias check
  • Directorships of concern
  • Associations of concern
  • Adverse Media
  • Publications of concern

Enhanced Screening

Standard Screening PLUS

  • Educational and Employment history
  • Online Footprint chart
  • Active and Passive Online Presence
  • Summary of Directorships
  • Significant Individual check
  • Address and Contact detail check


Enhanced Screening PLUS:

  • 8 Core Company Risk Indicators
  • Regulatory Actions & Court Records
  • Personal and Professional Network
  • Board Membership
  • Directorship History
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • Online Vulnerability Report

The 8 Core People RIsk Indicators

Each individual researched will be examined for:

  • Inappropriate/undesirable content
  • Extreme views/opinions
  • Illegal Activities
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Hate and discriminatory behaviour
  • Potential addiction or substance abuse
  • Violent content
  • Other

The 8 Core Company Risk Indicators

Each company researched will be examined for:

  • High Risk Jurisdiction
  • Employee/Client Reviews
  • Involvement in Illegal Activities
  • Online Activity
  • Financial Risk
  • Modern Slavery Concerns
  • Inconsistencies
  • Clients of Concern or Risk

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